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Confidentiality Policy

The therapeutic space and all its interactions are considered confidential.
This includes:

  • All interactions between us in the therapeutic setting with me as your

  • counsellor

  • Telephone calls between us

  • Scheduling and appointment notes

  • Session content records

  • My process notes

I will not disclose to any third party that you are a client, unless you choose to give me permission in writing to release any or specific information about you to any person or agency that you chose.

There are however limits to confidentially as outlined below:

  1. In some legal proceedings a judge may issue a court order. This would require the counsellor to testify in court. Or their notes are requested/subpoenaed.

  2. If I learn of or believe that you are threatening serious harm to another person.

  3. If there is evidence for and I believe that you are likely to harm yourself I may seek to contact relevant services or family members who can help provide protection.

  4. In accordance with the professional bodies of which I am a member, I have regular clinical supervision. In the course of discussions in supervision, no personally identifiable information will be disclosed. My supervisor is also bound to keep information confidential.

​In the case of 1, 2 or 3, I will always seek to inform you and obtain consent if

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